470 Wire Tier Benefits

  • Simplicity in design with fewer parts
  • No mechanical or hydraulic adjustments
  • Trouble-free start up
  • Minutes of maintenance instead of hours
  • Meets ANSI standards and is CE compliant

    Four-twist Knotter Joint

    The specially designed joint of the Accent 470 produces the most efficient knot in the industry. This higher efficiency may allow for downsizing the size of the wire, which translates to lower operating costs.


    There are no mechanical, hydraulic or electrical adjustments required on the Accent 470 - ever. These settings are fixed and locked at the factory to provide the optimal operating position and hydraulic pressure.


    The open design concept of the Accent 470 facilitates easy access to components for cleaning and aid in detecting when a wear part may have reached the end of its useful life.

    Along with this open design, the swing-up knotter cover and Parts Cartridge combine to make the Accent 470 the easiest wire tier to use and maintain.

    If necessary, the complete knotter assembly can be dismantled in under one hour. The main housing remains in place while all of the internal components are removed by simply removing the pull pins.


    Accent Wire-Tie has the largest and most experienced wire tier service staff in North America and Europe. We are hands-on professionals who have experience with baling wire, balers and the facilities in which they are used. For more information on 470 training classes please click here.


    Accent Wire-Tie is dedicated to providing engineering excellence to our customers. We are the only wire tier company with a dedicated engineering staff which is continually researching and developing improvements and upgrades to our wire tier systems. Accent's field service team and engineering staff meet on a regular basis to discuss our customer's needs and provide innovative solutions.