New York had a problem we could solve.

New York saw a recent development, requiring baled waste to be enclosed when traveling by the New York rail system; rail is one of the main methods of transporting processed waste from inner New York, to landfills a considerable distance away. The Envirobale system was able to shortcut the process, creating significant gains for the facility - it worked out perfectly.

"Time is money and the Envirobale system has transported our facility to the next level with provedn maximum operational efficiencies (from reduced material costs, abated odor and vector problems, to the elimination of baler down time as compared to conventional wire-tie systems).

Envirobale's rail readiness prepares to reduce waste transport's carbon footprints for future generations.

Envirobale is a no-brainer (must have) for any transfer facility operation."

– Janice DeLalio
   Director Detail Carting Co. Inc.