Pulp Wire

For pulp applications, Accent Wire-Tie’s Galvanized EXTRA HI-TENSILE™ is the premier baling wire in the industry. With exceptional high strength and elongation, it is engineered for the most demanding packaging applications.

All of Accent’s Galvanized EXTRA HI-TENSILE™ is manufactured to exacting quality standards, including complete metallurgical traceability from the wire rod to the wire around your bale. This gives you the confidence that the wire will perform, tie after tie.

Accent Wire-Tie maintains large inventories at nationwide distribution points and can ship from stock for fast delivery.


GaugeDecimal Size (Inch)Load Strength (Pounds)Feet Per Pound
110.12051,653 - 1,93825.78
11.50.1131,454 - 1,70529.36
13.50.086842 - 98750.70
14  0.080728 - 855 58.59
14.5 0.076658 - 77164.92
15 0.072590 - 69272.33

For other sizes or special finishes, please inquire.