What sets Accent Wire-Tie apart?

Superior Supply Chain
The most comprehensive distribution network ensures timely delivery while minimizing costs.

Sales & Service Team
A team of hands-on people with vast knowledge to keep your operations up and running.

Wire Tier Innovations
From the Accent 470 system to improved parts, Accent is the supplier of choice.

Stringent Quality Requirements
We provide dependable products and solutions.



The next revolution in solid waste containment systems. Envirobale, this changes everything.

Accent 470® Wire Tier

The Accent 470 is the preferred wire tier available today. The Accent 470 includes fewer parts, resulting in less downtime and maintenance costs for your baling operation. It’s Better By Design.

Strong People
 Strong Products
 Strong Ties

Strong ties are not built overnight. At Accent Wire-Tie, we realize that “people ties” are the most important ones we build. After three decades, we have earned our position as the worldwide provider of baling wire and wire tier technology. At all levels of our company and with every transaction, we are dedicated to forging strong ties with our customers, employees, and vendors.