About Accent 

JP Sims first found Accent Wire in 1986 in a small two-person office suite. Today, the Sims family still owns and operates Accent Wire, which has become the world’s largest supplier of baling wire and other bale packaging consumables to the waste and recycling industry.

After 30 years of being in the business, Accent Wire has acquired L&P Wire-Tie Systems. We have earned our position as the leading provider of baling wire and wire technology and that position is further solidified by this acquisition.

At all levels of our company and with every transaction, we are dedicated to forging strong ties with our customers, vendors, and employees. This situation is no different. We are proud to welcome L&P Wire-Tie System’s customers, vendors, and employees to the new Accent Wire-Tie.

Superior Supply Chain
Accent Wire-Tie has the largest, most comprehensive baling wire distribution network in the industry, and our producing mills are geographically diverse. This combination ensures timely delivery of products while minimizing transportation costs.

Sales and Service Team
Our outside sales and service team is the most experienced in the field. We are hands-on professionals who have experience with baling wire, balers, and the facilities in which they are used.

Wire Tier Innovators
Accent Wire-Tie manufactures the Accent 470, the most innovative wire tier for double-ram balers available today. The Accent 470 is designed to be rugged and simple to maintain, which translates into less downtime and reduced baling costs. Accent also has re-engineered and improved replacement parts for other makes of wire tiers.

Stringent Quality Standards
Accent Wire-Tie employs rigorous quality control requirements to ensure our products will perform under the toughest baling applications.

Strong ties aren’t built overnight, but they are the cornerstone of our company and last a lifetime. Let us demonstrate that to you today.