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What is cardboard baling wire?

This product is used to secure or bundle together corrugated cardboard that is processed in the recycling or waste industries.

What type of wire do I need?

The type of wire you need depends on the size of the bales and number of bales produced per day. The two most common types are galvanized baling wire and black annealed wire. Accent Wire Tie has cardboard baling wire for sale.

What is galvanized cardboard baling wire?

Galvanized wire, also known as clean wire, is used in two-ram balers. It a rigid form of wire, with a tensile strength of 145,000 to 175,000 PSI.

What is black annealed cardboard baling wire?

Black annealed wire is a softer, more flexible wire with a tensile strength of 69,000 to 75,000 PSI. It is black in color and is slightly oily.

How many feet will I receive? 

Wire is available in a range of gauges, which will impact the amount of wire you receive. It is measured by feet per pound.

Feet Per Pound
58.46 - 58.58


How do I place an order? 

It's as easy as 1-2-3 to request a price.

Why buy wire from Accent Wire Tie?  

When you purchase products from Accent Wire Tie you are partnering with a packaging solutions company. Our focus on reliability and performance coupled with the largest baling wire manufacturer and distributor network in the recycling and waste industry ensures you can turn to us for all of your baling wire needs, inlcuding baling equipment, parts, service and training.

Our Commitment to Quality

All of Accent Wire Tie products are grounded in engineering and rigorous quality control so they can perform in the toughest baling applications. As an OEM manufacturer, our in-house engineering team handles every facet of equipment design, build and implementation, which includes continuous process and product improvement.