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Galvanized and black annealed wire is the ideal baling wire for the recycling, agriculture and construction industries, as it's resilient and easy to work with.

Choose from 50 lb (45 per pallet) and 100 lb (36 per pallet) boxes.

More organizations buy box wire from Accent Wire Tie than any other provider.

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Wire Specs

Decimal Size
Load Strength
Feet Per Pound
10 0.1350 859 - 1,073 20.53
11 0.1205 684 - 855 25.78
12 0.1055 524-656 33.62
13 0.0915 395 - 493 44.69
14 0.0800 327 - 377 58.58

What is box wire?

Box wire is a type of baling wire that is coiled to a specific weight and then boxed. We offer black annealed and galvanized box wire for sale, ranging from 11 gauge to 14 gauge, in 50lb and 100lb boxes.

How is box wire used?

It is used in wide range of industries including waste, recycling, and agriculture to secure or bind together bundles of loose materials such as hay, straw, textiles, plastic, paper, cardboard and more. This kind of wire is most frequently used in horizontal balers.

What is the difference galvanized and black annealed wire?

Both are resilient and easy to work with, and each offer different advantages. Galvanized wire has a protective coating that gives it a long-life span and makes it resistant to rust and corrosion. Black annealed wire is dark black, flexible and easy to use. It has a light oil coating, making it pass through your baling machine with ease.

How is galvanized box wire made?

Galvanized wire goes through a process called galvanization, which is the adding a coating or bathing drawn bright basic wire in a pool of molten zinc. This gives the wire a smooth, shiny silver appearance with little reside that resists rust. The galvanization process occurs after the wire has been drawn to the desired gauge or diameter.

Because galvanized wire is rust resistant, it can be used in wet and humid conditions without compromising its structural integrity and quality. It is the most durable and versatile and is recommended when storing your baled material in a location that has exposure to outdoor elements or any type of waste management, recycling, or packaging industries.

How is black annealed box wire made?

The annealing process for black annealed wire occurs after wire is drawn from carbon steel rod to the desired diameter or gauge. In this process, the wire is placed in a furnace and heated which alters the microstructure of the wire. It is then slowly cooled. The annealing process restores the ductility of the box wire providing for superior elongation, as well as changing its color from more of a rough grey or silver to the familiar black color.

What machines use box wire?

This type of wire is used in horizontal auto-tie balers.

How do I order box wire?

To receive a quote in 30 minutes or less (during regular business hours) complete the Quick Quote request form—including wire specifics and contact information. We have distribution points nationwide, allowing for quick delivery near you.

How much box wire will I receive?

Both galvanized wire and black annealed wire are sold in 50-pound (45 per pallet) and 100-pound (36 per pallet) boxes. The amount of wire you receive is measured by feet per pound, and is dependent on the gauge of the wire. The gauge is the thickness of the wire– the smaller the gauge the thicker the wire. For example, 10-gauge wire is thicker than 11-gauge wire.

10 Gauge – 20.53 feet/pound
11 Gauge – 25.78 feet/pound
12 Gauge – 33.62 feet/pound
13 Gauge – 44.69 feet/pound
14 Gauge – 58.58 feet/pound

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