This wire tier model is no longer available for purchase. Accent Wire Tie will continue to carry a large inventory of wear parts and provide technical support for existing 340 Wire Tiers. View upgraded replacement.

The 340 Wire Tier represents solid state technology in wire-tying equipment. The wire tying system has 40-plus years of proven dependability.


  • Adaptable to double-ram balers 
  • Optional tilt-back head for ease of field maintenance 
  • Track system made of top-quality, zinc coated steel, which helps prevent rust and keeps track clean 
  • 8-sided wire-cutter insert for extended use 
  • ANSI B-11 compliant safety interlocks 
  • Uses the widest range of galvanized wire (10-13 gauge) of any tier on the market 
  • Typical cycle time is approximately 5 seconds, potentially producing up to 720 straps per hour 
  • Assembled on EZ mount frame for ease of application (with debris guards) 
  • 360° wire feed provides total layout flexibility 
  • Triple-grooved pinch wheels for extended wear life 
  • Proximity switches to reduce wear and increase reliability 
  • High-efficiency 4-twist knot 
  • Designed to use Super Hi-Tensile™ and Premium Galvanized Wire