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Accent Wire Tie has high-quality black annealed baling wire ready to ship nationwide. This strong and flexible wire can stand up to your heavy and dense bales. It has an oiled surface ensuring a smooth feed through your baler, and rust prevention.

Black Annealed Baling Wire Availability

Black Annealed Box Wire

Black Annealed Stand Wire

How is black annealed baling wire made?

During the annealing process, wire is heated in a furnace and slowly cooled. This alters the microstructure of the wire resulting in superior elongation and changing the color from grey or silver to black. It then receives a light oiling.

What are the benefits of black annealed wire?

Annealed wire is reliable, long-lasting and resists corrosion. It is ideal for the recycling and construction industries as it is flexible and easy to work with and the light oiling makes it easy to use in balers. However, unlike galvanized baling wire, it will rust if used or stored outdoors.

What types of black annealed wire is available?

Accent Wire Tie has black annealed stand wire and box wire available for quick delivery nationwide.