Black Annealed Carrier Wire

Black Annealed in Stock for Delivery

Top quality black annealed wire for efficient operations.

Black Annealed Carrier Wire from Accent Wire Tie is resilient, easy to work with and the solution for the recycling, agricultural and construction industries. Single-ram balers produce heavy and dense bales, which means the quality of black annealed baling wire is more important than ever.

Black Annealed Carrier Wire (also known as Stand Wire) is drawn from medium carbon steel, annealed in a furnace and slowly cooled. This process produces strong, clean back annealed wire with superior elongation.

We maintain large inventories of Black Annealed Carrier Wire for delivery to your location in three-days or less. Approximate weight per carrier is 1800 lbs.

More organizations buy black annealed carrier wire from Accent Wire Tie than any other supplier.

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Black Annealed Carrier Wire Specs

Decimal Size
Load Strength
Feet Per Pound
10 0.1350 859 - 1,073 20.53
11 0.1205 684 - 855 25.78
12 0.1055 395 - 493 33.62
13 0.0915 395 - 493 44.69
14 0.0800 327 - 377 58.58

Carrier Wire Availability‚Äč

Most orders ship within 24 business hours‚Äč.

Black Annealed Stand Wire