High Quality Galvanized Wire in Stock for Delivery Nationwide

Accent Wire Tie offers top quality galvanized baling wire for use in the agriculture, recycling, and construction industries. This wire has a long lifespan and is resistant to rust and corrosion due to its protective coating. 

Galvanized Baling Wire Availability

How is galvanized baling wire made? 

Baling wire that goes through a process of galvanization is known as galvanized wire. During this process, the wire is bathed in a pool of molten zinc adding a protective coating. The result is wire with a smooth, shiny appearance that is resistant to rust.  

What are the benefits of galvanized wire? 

This type of baling wire is resistant to rust which means it is ideal for use in humid or wet conditions. It is recommended for use in any locations with outdoor exposure or area that has potential exposure to moisture including recycling, waste management and packaging facilities.  

What types of galvanized wire is available? 

Accent Wire Tie offers galvanized box wire, stand wire and single-loop bale ties in a variety of gauges and lengths.