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330 & 340 Wire Tiers

The award-winning Accent 470 is the most advanced wire tier available today.


It's better by design with fewer parts for more uptime and lower maintenance costs for your baling operation.

  • Four-wheel drive design for exceptional performance & reliability
  • No mechanical or hydraulic adjustments needed, allowing for trouble-free operation
  • Track assembly guides wire around the bale and is compatible with 12-gauge hi-tensile galvanized wire
  • Debris guard prevents excessive buildup in the lower track & reduces overfeeds
  • Pivot-out or removable parts cartridge cutting maintenance time from hours to minutes
  • Meets ANSI, CSA standards & is CE compliant
  • Hydraulically operated automatic wire tier
  • Assembled on custom designed EZ mount frame

Product Tour

Four-Wheel Drive Unit

Parts Cartridge

Zero Adjustments Needed

There are no mechanical, hydraulic or electrical adjustments required on the Accent 470 Wire Tier - ever. The settings are fixed and locked at the factory to provide the optimal operating position and hydraulic pressure.

Easy Maintenance Design

The open design concept of the Accent 470 Wire Tier facilitates easy access to components for cleaning and aid in detecting when a wear part may have reached the end of its useful life. Along with this open design, the swing-up Knotter Cover and Parts Cartridge combine to make the Accent 470 the easiest wire tier to use and maintain. If necessary, the complete knotter assembly can be dismantled in under one hour. The main housing remains in place while all of the internal components are removed by simply removing the pull pins.

Our Service Technicians

Accent Wire-Tie has the largest and most experienced wire tier service technicians in North America and Europe. We are hands-on professionals who have experience with baling wire, balers and the facilities in which they are used. To schedule on-site service for any of your wire tiers, call 281.255.0703 or 800.947.3843. For more information on scheduling your operators to attend the Accent 470 Wire Tier training classes please click here.

Our Engineering Team

Accent Wire-Tie is dedicated to providing engineering excellence to our customers. We are the only wire tier company with dedicated engineers on-staff. Our engineers continually research and develop improvements and upgrades to our wire tier systems. Accent's field service technicians and engineering team meet monthly to discuss our customers’ needs and provide innovative solutions.

Envirobale, the next revolution in solid waste containment systems.

The Envirobale system is globally revolutionizing baled waste. It has the potential to increase productivity and lower operating costs. By virtually eliminating material fall-out, it greatly improves your working environment and cleanliness.

The System

Developed in 2004 by Nic Borrelli, General Manager of Research and Development at Integrated Waste Services, Envirobale is an innovative solid waste containment system. From first-hand experience, Nic identified an opportunity to remove the costs and constraints placed on productivity through the use of wire tiers. Using double-ram bailers, bales are ejected from the compaction chamber with a single stroke. Bales are held in the Envirobale nozzle, then ejected by the next bale into the Envirobale bag. The contained bale is then loaded onto transport vehicles and sent to the landfill. Designed by the waste management industry for the waste management industry, ensuring that it can be seamlessly integrated into your solid waste processing facility.

Reduce Loading, Unloading & Transportation Costs

The Envirobale containment system offers considerable savings over conventional wire baled waste, which requires tying and tarping before transportation. Envirobales only require tying down before transportation to the landfill.

Improve Your Working Environment

The Envirobale system allows for a significantly cleaner and healthier working environment, with less odor and vermin, improving employee morale and reducing turnover. Eliminating material fall-out reduces labor costs, increases productivity, reduces wear and tear on handling equipment. Not only that, but it's good for everyone else's environment too. Contact us now to discuss the Envirobale advantage.

Benefits At The Landfill

The EnviroBale bags allow you to increase bale layers per cell at the landfill. Use the bagged bales for walls to eliminate tarping vertical face*. The EnviroBale bags reduce unloading time and create cleaner leachate, by significantly decreasing litter which eliminates the amount of vermin and birds at the landfill.

now to discuss the EnviroBale advantage

Wire and plastic in one integrated baling system giving you the flexibility to select with the touch of a button.

The Accent Select Dual Tying system features a wire-tying head and plastic-tying head on the same frame, allowing you to switch between the two with the touch of a button. Saves floor space and allows for a cleaner working environment by combining waste-to-energy and recyclable baling applications into one machine.

  • Select Wire or Plastic on a Touchscreen
    – Reducing your labor with zero changeover time
    – Hands-on training provided to improve safety
  • Designed for Two-Ram Balers
    – Will retrofit to replace any wire or plastic tying system saving you money
    – Engineered for the most rigorous applications
  • Designed for Two-Ram Balers
    – Will retrofit to replace any wire or plastic tying system saving you money
    – Engineered for the most rigorous applications

Featuring a proven strapping head for heavy-duty applications

The Accent Plastic Strapping system has the flexibility of polyester or polypropylene plastic strapping. It can be coupled with the Accent 470 Wire Tier for baling RDF and recyclables.

now to discuss the Accent Plastic Strapping system
  • Ideal for RDF (Refuse Derived Fuel) baling applications
  • All-steel track system is mounted on the frame and custom-sized to your baler
  • Thermo-electrical heat seal with digital temperature control
  • Plastic strapping specifications: 1/2” – 3/4” width, .028” – .051” thickness

Accent Wire-Tie provides support and service for the 330 and 340 Wire Tires.

330 Wire Tie

The 330 Wire Tier has been in the baling industry for over 30 years. This wire tying system is used around the globe and recognized for its performance in baling paper, non-ferrous, plastics and solid waste.

  • Adaptable to all types of baler control circuits
  • Compatible with 11-12 ga. Super Hi-Ten galvanized wire
  • Track system made of top-quality zinc coated steel, which helps prevent rust and keeps track clean
  • High-efficiency 3-1/4 twist knot
  • Assembled on EZ mount frame for ease of application (with debris guards)
  • Left or right hand wire feed provides total layout flexibility
  • ANSI B-11 compliant safety interlocks
  • Typical cycle time is approximately 3 seconds, potentially producing up to 1200 straps per hour

340 Wire Tier

The 340 Wire Tier represents solid state technology in wire-tying equipment. The wire tying system has 20 years of proven dependability.

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  • Adaptable to 2-ram balers
  • Optional tilt-back head for ease of field maintenance
  • Track system made of top-quality, zinc coated steel, which helps prevent rust and keeps track clean
  • 8-sided wire-cutter insert for extended use
  • ANSI B-11 compliant safety interlocks
  • Uses the widest range of galvanized wire (10-13 ga) of any tier on the market
  • Typical cycle time is approximately 5 seconds, potentially producting up to 720 straps per hour
  • Assembled on EZ mount frame for ease of application (with debris guards)
  • 360° wire feed provides total layout flexibility
  • Triple-grooved pinch wheels for extended wear life
  • Proximity switches to reduce wear and increase reliability
  • High-efficiency 4-twist knot
  • Designed to use Super Hi-Ten and Premium galvanized wire


Bale packaging equipment that performs in demanding conditions to help you achieve your goals.

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