Accent Wire Tie provides proven products that are backed by a customer-focused team.

Strong People. Strong Products. Strong Ties. At Accent Wire Tie, those words are more than a tagline; they define the way the company has done business since it was founded in 1986.

Accent’s 470® wire tier is designed for two-ram balers.


President and CEO Bill Sims, the second generation of the Sims family to run the business, says Accent takes the term “family business” to heart, describing it as a core value. “We are a family-run company, and we consider our employees our family. Our suppliers and customers are an extension of that family,” he says.

Given this, it’s no surprise that Accent Wire Tie views its customers as partners. “The way we have always looked at it is that it’s more than a sale; it’s a partnership,” Travis Lennon, Accent’s service manager, says. He says Accent’s commitment to its clients means OEM equipment parts are in stock, ready to ship, and service technicians are available to perform same-day or next-day service.

Lennon says the Accent Wire Tie team includes 10 service technicians in the U.S., two in Canada and two in the United Kingdom.

Accent Wire Tie has attracted the best and most talented professionals in the industry, Sims says, adding that they “know the products, the applications and the recycling facilities.”

The company describes its sales and service teams as the most experienced in the field, with extensive knowledge of baling wire, bale tying equipment, balers and the operating facilities in which they are used. Sims adds, “Our people are No. 1 in industry knowledge.”

Jim Carkeek, vice president of sales and marketing at Accent, says, “Accent Wire Tie has the industry’s most experienced group of salespeople in North America. When a customer orders from Accent Wire Tie, they can count on the highest quality of baling wire supported by a knowledgeable team coupled with the most expansive distribution network in our industry.

Accent Wire Tie’s team provides each customer with baling wire that exceeds industry standards, and we can deliver our products quickly. Additionally, with our team having such a wealth of experience, Accent Wire Tie can supply our customers the correct wire for each and every baling application.”


Accent Wire Tie is much more than a wire tier supplier. The company views itself as a “packaging solutions company,” Sims says. “Whether being tied off inside the baler or as the bale is ejected from the baler, that’s where Accent’s expertise takes over.”

Sims, who has a master’s degree in engineering, says Accent’s solutions are grounded in engineering and rigorous quality control so they can perform in the toughest baling applications.

"Unlike most suppliers to the industry, Accent Wire Tie is a full-service supplier,” says Steve Schug, Accent’s commercial equipment manager. “Accent Wire Tie provides the highest quality equipment and parts and the best service and baling wire to the waste and recycling industry. As an OEM manufacturer, Accent employs its own engineering staff, which handles every facet of equipment design, build and implementation, and that includes continuous process and product improvement.”

Accent’s Envirobale® uses a bag to contain waste.

Among the equipment the company is best known for is the Accent 470® Wire Tier, which is designed for use on two-ram balers. Schug describes it as being “widely known to be the best wire tier ever built.”

He adds, “It has been the industry’s choice since late 2004, and we have continued to update and add new features to it to handle the demand of the materials it straps.”

In response to customer input, Accent has added new safety features, touch-screen controls and other features to the wire tier “rather than trying to push what we think the customer needs,” Schug says.

But Accent’s equipment offering doesn’t end there. The company also offers a dual-tying system, the Accent Select® Dual Tier, which Schug says is “the ultimate piece of strapping equipment for any two-ram baler.”

He explains: “It allows the flexibility to switch between strapping with plastic or wire, with just a touch of a button.”

The dual-tying system is well-suited for use at combination waste-to-energy/recycling facilities and nonferrous scrap processing facilities, he says. “These processors may not have enough material to dedicate a baler to one product line, and therefore the ability of the Accent Select Dual Tier to switch bale containment methods would make their two-ram baler much more flexible for their processing and downstream customer needs.”

The company’s EnviroBale® bale containment system eliminates wire tying in favor of containing commercial or municipal waste using a bag. “It is a much cleaner, simpler and cost-effective method than traditional processing of waste materials through two-ram balers,” Schug says.

“A good example of EnviroBale being a viable alternative to traditional waste hauling and disposal is the New York metro area.

Presently, no regional landfills accept municipal waste. Moving waste in walking floor trailers is limited by distance and cost, so EnviroBale allows waste processors to move waste over long distances and reap the benefit of lower disposal costs that can add up to $30 per ton additional profit in their business model.”

Accent Wire Tie stocks more than 335,000 OEM equipment parts at two U.S. locations in Texas and Missouri and at its U.K. division. Coupled with the company’s service staff, this extensive inventory ensures quick resolution to any issues the company’s customers are having, reducing downtime and safeguarding the longevity of its customer partnerships.

The performance, reliability and simplicity of maintenance of Accent’s products not only translate into less downtime but also to reduced baling costs.


Accent is perhaps best known for supplying baling wire to the recycling industry.

Black Annealed Box Wire

Accent Wire Tie has the largest, most comprehensive baling wire manufacturing and distribution network in the industry, providing timely delivery of products at lower transportation costs.

To do this, Accent leverages the industry’s most extensive supply chain. Sims says 15 producing mills in North America supply wire to Accent. “The large majority of these mills are exclusive to Accent for this industry,” he adds.

This extensive manufacturing base is complemented by a comprehensive distribution system, Carkeek says. “Accent utilizes a geographically diverse network of warehouses and wire producing mills to ensure prompt delivery of the highest quality baling wire available. Currently, Accent Wire Tie’s supply chain has wire in 44 strategically located facilities housing over $5 million worth of inventory ready for delivery at a moment’s notice.”

Sims describes Accent’s wire supply chain as having “redundancies on top of redundancies,” allowing the company to maintain reliable supply in a variety of situations that would disrupt other wire suppliers to the industry.

When you select Accent Wire Tie baling wire and bale packaging equipment, you partner with a responsive supplier that prioritizes performance, reliability and maintenance simplicity. For these reasons, the vast majority of bale tying equipment around the world is from Accent Wire Tie.

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