Rely On Your Operator

Rely on your operator.

Whether you have the newest, latest equipment or a wire tier that has been in service for fifteen years, your operator must understand it. A knowledgeable operator runs the equipment safely and can prevent costly breakdowns. Make sure that your operators have been trained by someone certified by the OEM—training can be done at the factory or your facility. Make sure you have the equipment operator manuals and training videos on-hand and available.
Daily Quick Check List

Daily maintenance using the Daily Quick Check List.

A clean and well-maintained wire tier reduces downtime. Preventive maintenance performed on a daily basis should include keeping the equipment and baling wire clean, scheduled lubrication, and keeping a spare parts kit on-hand to easily replace wear parts.
Preventive Maintenance

Schedule regular preventive maintenance with OEM field service technicians.

In addition to providing a “tune-up” for your wire tier, an onsite visit from an Accent OEM field service technician can make sure all factory-installed safety parts are on the machine and working, train operators on how to run the machine efficiently and safely, and teach basic maintenance and troubleshooting. Request Service.
Call a Specialist

Know when to call in a specialist.

If your operator can’t fix the issue affecting your wire tier within a prescribed timeframe, call on an OEM field service technician who is trained to diagnose problems and has access to necessary spare parts, quickly make the repair, and get your wire tier back up and running.
Know Your Baling Wire

Know your baling wire.

All baling wire is not the same quality and the wrong baling wire can lead to costly downtime. Accent’s Galvanized Extra Hi-Tensile™ baling wire is produced to meet the proper specifications allowing the baling wire to run through a wire tier effectively, safely, and to hold a bale together. It is important your baling wire supplier has a redundant supply chain, testing facilities, and metallurgists available to ensure the wire you purchase meets the required specifications and is a high-quality baling wire.

Accent Wire Tie is the recycling and waste industry’s leading manufacturer of bale packaging equipment and supplier of baling wire. Contact us today!

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