12 Gauge Galvanized Single-Loop Bale Ties

12 Gauge Galvanized Single-Loop Bale Ties

12 Gauge Galvanized Single-Loop Bale Ties

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Designed for vertical and horizontal/downstroke balers.

Available in lengths ranging from 12 to 23 feet, with 125 ties or 250 ties per bundle (depending on length).

Product Options

Length (Feet)
Ties Per Bundle
12 Gauge Galvanized
12 Gauge Galvanized 13 125 2X-1-1-120130125
12 Gauge Galvanized 13 250 2X-1-1-120130250
12 Gauge Galvanized 14 125 2X-1-1-120140125
12 Gauge Galvanized 14 250 2X-1-1-120140250
12 Gauge Galvanized 15 125 2X-1-1-120150125
12 Gauge Galvanized 15 250 2X-1-1-120150250
12 Gauge Galvanized 16 125 2X-1-1-120160125
12 Gauge Galvanized 16 250 2X-1-1-120160250
12 Gauge Galvanized 17 125 2X-1-1-120170125
12 Gauge Galvanized 18 125 2X-1-1-120180125
12 Gauge Galvanized 18 250 2X-1-1-120180250
12 Gauge Galvanized 19 125 2X-1-1-120190125
12 Gauge Galvanized 20 125 2X-1-1-120200125
12 Gauge Galvanized 21 125 2X-1-1-120210125
12 Gauge Galvanized 22 125 2X-1-1-12Q220125
12 Gauge Galvanized 23 125 2X-1-1-12Q230125

12 Gauge Galvanized Single-Loop Bale Ties

Compatible with: vertical and horizontal/downstroke balers
Recommended for: cardboard, plastic, lumber, hay and fabrics
Industries: agriculture, construction and recycling

Accent Wire Tie is the leading provider of bale ties in the U.S.

How do I order bale ties?

To receive a quote in 30 minutes or less (during regular business hours) complete the Quick Quote request form—including wire specifics and contact information. We have distribution points nationwide, allowing for quick delivery near you.

How are single-loop bale ties packaged?

Bale ties are packaged with covered loop ends to eliminate snagging between bundles and coiled for easy transport. They can be packaged to your requirements—stackable boxes and crates, straight, single-packs and private label.

About Accent Wire Tire

Accent Wire Tie is the largest, most comprehensive baling wire manufacturing and distribution network in the recycling and waste industry. Since 1986, we have forged the strongest ties in the industry.

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12 Gauge Galvanized Single-Loop Bale Ties

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