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Accent Wire Tie is one of the leading baling wire manufacturers, producing galvanized and annealed wire products for countless industries. Our high-grade baling wire solutions are used in rigorous environments, so we ensure they're made with quality and durability. Regardless of its purpose, rest assured our baling wire can withstand the pressure and tension needed for your unique operations.

Premium Products from Reliable Baling Wire Suppliers

Premium Products from Reliable Baling Wire Suppliers

Baling wire is produced with soft and malleable metals with significant tensile strength. What makes them unique is that they need to be flexible enough to be bent. Due to their simple but useful design, baling wire has become integral to industrial, residential, and commercial projects.

At Accent Wire Tie, we offer baling wires in galvanized and annealed forms. Learn more about them below:

Galvanized Baling Wire

A galvanized baling wire is coated with zinc through a process called galvanization. The layer of zinc prevents oxygen and moisture from reaching the steel. This process protects the galvanized wire from corrosion and erosion, making it more applicable for outdoor applications.

Benefits of galvanized wire:

  • Less likely to corrode
  • Outstanding tensile strength
  • More applicable to demanding industries

Annealed Baling Wire

Annealed baling wire has undergone a specialized heating and cooling treatment to change the wire's chemical and physical properties. An annealed wire is usually made of low-carbon steel wire heated to a particular temperature.

Benefits of black annealed wire:

  • Amplified ductility and flexibility
  • Easy to work with
  • Reduced strain hardening

Accent Wire Tie's baling wire products can be galvanized or annealed, depending on your requirements. We guarantee superior resilience for both options, so your products will be strapped with ease and efficiency.

Typical Applications for Baling Wire

Metal baling wire gained popularity for baling hay, where the wire is quickly wrapped around it to keep it from falling apart. Now, baling wire has found its purpose in many other industries, so it remains a critical component for countless operations. Some of these include:

  • Home projects: Baling wire is an essential craft material for assembling projects. Besides that, baling wire holds objects together for DIY home projects, such as posts and fences.
  • Industrial: Many industrial procedures benefit from baling wires. For instance, packaging industries use baling wire for cases where tapes or shrink wrapping aren't enough. Recycling facilities also use baling wire for wrapping compact recycled items.  
  • Manufacturing: In manufacturing facilities, baling wire is utilized to improve the storage of essential materials used for the manufacturing process, such as metal sheets, pipes, and other materials that need to be organized and kept in place.
  • Repairs: Galvanized wire is applicable in outdoor repair applications instead of using a flimsy wire mesh for temporary fixes.

Let Accent Wire Tie Fulfill Your High-Performance Baling Wire Needs

As trusted baling wire manufacturers, you can depend on us to design and develop high-quality outcomes that will drive success to your operations. Whether you will use it for your DIY project or for a more demanding application, our baling wires are guaranteed to exceed your expectations.

Contact us today to learn more about our products and services. You may also request a quote, and we can find a suitable, cost-effective solution based on your specifications!

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